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Cue Silk and Sil Kleen Deluxe Shaft Care Gift Tin Set - with Shaft Slicker and Chalk


Dispatch estimated 5-10 days

This deluxe gift tin has everything you need to ensure your cue will play like new every time you step up to the baize.


  • Sil Kleen (1oz bottle) - to clean and prepare your shaft

  • Use to clean your shaft
  • Removes dirt, grease and grime
  • Also polishes your brass ferrule
  • Simply apply with a dry cloth and buff off
  • Cue Silk - to polish your shaft and make it glide through your hand like silk

  • Just add a few drops to a paper towel and buff the shaft
  • Cue will glide through your hand for the smoothest cuing action ever
  • Helps improve your game play through better control
  • Over 30 applications in a bottle
  • Shaft Slicker

  • Works on shafts of different thicknesses
  • Doesn't mark your cue
  • Improves your cueing action and gameplay
  • Internal abrasive pad for removing built up dirt and grease from shaft
  • Simply rub up and down shaft lightly
  • Say goodbye to sticky cues!
  • Plus 1 x Triangle green chalk, all complete in a handy Gift Tin