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Aramith Premier Black and Pink Pool Balls with Silver 8 Ball and 1 7/8" Cue Ball


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A distinctive and exclusive pool ball set with unique silver 8 ball


  • 2" Aramith Premier Pink & Black pool balls - Aramith Premier balls are used by major tournaments worldwide
  • Includes 2" Aramith Silver 8 Ball - weighs and performs the same as a standard black 8 ball
  • 1 7/8" white cue ball - works on coin operated pool tables
  • Suitable for all pub 6ft, 7ft and 8ft English pool tables with a coin mechanism
  • Enhances the performance of players
  • Made from high quality phenolic resin by Aramith the worlds No 1 cue ball manufacturers
  • More impact and scratch resistant than cheaper polyester balls
  • Perfect balance and rebound, giving the most consistent response